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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales Mar 2013

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

This marks the beginning of seven years of Thunder Roads Florida. For anyone not familiar with us, it is a free monthly publication covering east of Panama City to the Keys. The Florida Panhandle is covered by the Alabama edition. It is a network magazine being published by 20 different editors covering 21 states.

In my last Pony Tales I mentioned the crew of folks that help this happen in Florida, but I neglected to mention the person who makes our state’s magazine look so extraordinary. Barbara Garner is my art director in charge of layout and design and has been since the very first issue. I honestly had never owned a computer or camera (other than a point and click) when I first started seven years ago. Barb had to teach me everything without ever meeting face to face. Believe me when I say we have spent all night together even though we are 3 states apart. Barbara has had to put long hours in on our states edition because we have so many more events to cover each month. I get feedback from ad clients and readers in regards to the quality of our magazine and the photos. So thank you Barbara for all the “extras” in talent and in hours…and above all for putting up with me.

Please guys and gals take a day this spring to venture out to a new destination, stop in at one of our ad clients businesses and let them know you found them through Thunder Roads Florida. We can’t print these each month without their ads!

Take a new highway, buy a stranger a cold one and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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