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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales may 2011

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

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I travel all over the state with the magazine and have only had a few encounters of negative words about bikers. On a recent trip to investigate Okeechobee County I had one of those situations. I won’t name the bar/restaurant because I try not to hurt anyone’s business with the magazine, particularly since in this situation it was the bartender the daughter of the owner whose statements certainly did not represent the rest of those employed there or her father. They were all very nice and happy to have us eating one of the best burgers in town. I also want you to know they are not mentioned anywhere in the magazine including the article about Okeechobee County. I simply will not encourage bikers to spend their money there.

Now for the heart of this article, this 20 something year old girl’s exact words were “I don’t care if the first biker comes to town for the Okeechobee Bike Festival”. I am certain their establishment will reap financial rewards from many who do visit their area. And for her father who spoke highly of many segments of the biker population, I hope they do. Her beef with bikers is the inconvenience we cause when we try to stay in a pack. She feels that we don’t have the right to inconvenience her, particularly, by blocking traffic, which she pointed out is illegal. I tried to school her on the importance of safety while on a bike and that being together as a group increases our odds against cagers that often don’t see us. I also tried educating her that often the parade of bikes are doing charitable works for their communities, not even related to motorcycles. She couldn’t care less. I then tried to explain the money bikers bring into a community, and that, in this economy she should be a bit more gracious in her comments.

Reflecting back on being 20 something, I am certain I had opinions that have changed and softened over the years and told her one day she may be one of the very people she is angry at, pointing out that I had never ridden on a bike until 50. In an adamant and rather bratty way she went so far as to say “That will never happen and I have the right to just pull right out in front of them and run the whole bunch over”! Which I pointed out is equally illegal. There was a point when quite frankly I just wanted to deck her, but figured the financial consequence of losing a mention in the magazine was going to have to suffice.

As we all know there is no reasoning with a young opinionated girl. So I gave up, we paid our tab and vowed not to visit this establishment again. But it does give cause to think about our impact on traffic when we do try to block intersections without police escorts. Someone may actually act on their road rage and that would be tragic.

Enjoy this beautiful riding weather, buy a stranger a beer and don’t forget your sunscreen!

6 Responses to “Pony Tales may 2011”

  • larry mckane:

    wow, as a father/daughter owner of a bar restaurant here in okeechobee imagine my surprise when i walked into the restaurant bar association meeting last night to be asked if my daughter had said such a thing,fortunately i didn’t have to reply because they knew she would NEVER say such a thing.having grown up in the business (as opposed to buying into it)there are only two bars in okeechobee that i know of that are father daughter run.i have run barracudas for the last 12 years and my daughter is the worlds greatest beer slinger there is(just ask her) .many people in town know Kasey from the tiki bar at butches or from my bar, would not be fair to mistake this young lady with anyone else.last saturday Kasey hosted a party for the good people of A1 cycles this is hardly a person that does not like bikers.we should not have to hold up a flag that says “biker friendly” stop by take a look at the place if we don’t reak biker friendly i’ll kiss your ass so,call Kasey find out when she works and tip the crap out of her she deserves it.remember warm beer and lousy food.Larry(dad)

  • cindi arnold:

    wow ! reading this a place comes to mind and if i am correct i cannot believe she said that. not a way to do business!!!! The biker community has been great to this town !

  • beth connors:

    Thanks for writing in, actually I must admit that I hadn’t even considered that there might have been other father/daughter bars! Please accept my apologies, but I had to vent about the incident and felt it unfair to name the bar. I hope you won’t mind if I use your letter in the June issue as a Letter to the Editor clearing your good name!!! LOL It definitely wasn’t Baracudas or Butch’s. I was at Butch’s and one of the pictures in the May article County by County is the group of ladies celebrating a birthday at Butch’s. We had a great time there. Lulu

  • beth connors:

    I certainly experienced that everywhere I went, except for the daughter (and only the daughter) in the bar I was referring to. Everyone showed us great southern hospitality! Thanks for reading Thunder Roads. Lulu

  • cindi arnold:

    Thank goodness Larry wrote in because I just new his daughter would never say that. My own daughter worked for Larry at barracudas for a long time and we love larry, kasey and the “warm beer lousy food” !!!! My daughter worked there while pregnant and we call our now 5 yr. grandaughter , cuda baby ! love the magazine !

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