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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales May 2013

Pony Tales header

By Lulu


During Bike Week, I was wandering around the Speedway and ran into my friends from Rolling Thunder Chapter 8. They were showing me the coolest piece of art that someone generously donated to them (see photo). A bit later in the day I came upon that artist’s booth and had a chance to meet the artist “Dirt” (James Dorner) and see more of his creations. Upon hearing that I had a friend with lung cancer, he gave me a piece of art to auction at her poker run. This is one amazing and generous man. He didn’t know me or my friend. He wasn’t a local, and yet he insisted I take the pair of metal angel wings his hands had sculpted out of metal. His creative works are sold under the name Art by Dirt and he really creates amazing art made with American motorcycle pieces. From tiny rosebuds to huge eagles his mind and hands take metal art to a new height. So far he has given over $64,000 to his charitable causes, which he is very involved in veteran and children causes. I am keeping this Pony Tales short to make room for the photos. The artist has been featured in Easy Rider magazine and you can find him on his website Thank you Dirt from Thunder Roads Florida, Rolling Thunder Chapter 8 and my friend Sam you are certainly a delightful man and I am impressed by your art and generous spirit!

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