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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales Nov 2013

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

With the insanity that has been splashed all over every news channel concerning the crotch rocket “gang” in New York I have a request of the “REAL” bikers. Please post any video footage you have of bikers as I know them on You Tube and Facebook. I want videos to go viral of bikers with bicycles strapped to their bikes on Toy Runs, bags of food being carried to food drives, Patriot Guard Riders escorting our lost soldiers to their final resting place, the REAL bikers of Rolling Thunder making their pilgrimage to the Wall…I don’t want a posse of idiots in New York to be viewed as what we in the biker community are about.

Sure all of us have had episodes of cages scaring the crap out of us from time to time, and we may have even witnessed a biker kick the side of a car that veered to close, BUT the insanity of what happened in New York was that there were hundreds of reports to the police about their behavior on two wheels over the weekend! What the hell took so long to get them off the road! In Palm Coast my friend Sherry parked illegally in a fire zone while I ran inside to make a copy and before I could walk in and out a cop had his blue lights on her!!! If there truly had been over a hundred calls to the police over the weekend when this incident took place someone should have intervened before this family was terrified and someone horribly injured.

As a note to those of you who ride a crotch rocket, BEWARE! This behavior will certainly adversely affect how you are perceived by all of us. Had I been in a car with my grandchildren and those lunatics terrified me I would have ended up in jail because the safety of my family comes first.

Ride with care in the aftermath of this news coverage, be courteous to those who are frightened by what they witnessed on TV and don’t forget your sunscreen.

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