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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales October 2012

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

I had the honor of riding again with the wonderful bikers that rode on the 9/11 Memorial Ride in Flagler Beach. We had well over 400 bikes that braved bad weather, and when I say bad; we even were pelted by hail at one point. But those that did join us took the time out of their busy lives to remember those who lost their lives that day.

The numbers were not nearly as large as last year. We had well over 1000 bikes and several thousand people. The weather may have played a part and the fact that this was the 11th not the 10th anniversary of the tragedy. As I listened to the speeches it hit me that this year children who will never know their fathers will turn 11. The children who died that day in day care or on planes won’t turn 11, those that were 4 won’t get their driver’s license, and those that were 7 or 8 won’t go to prom or graduate. Life for them stopped…suddenly…unexpectedly.

Families all across the world lost part of what made them whole, not only on 9/11 but through the loss of lives during the war that we continue fighting to maintain our way of life. I am not a war monger, but make no mistake there was a price to be paid for that day. There was a line to draw in the sand. A commitment to be strong enough to say we will never allow it to happen again on our soil. I for one don’t want anyone to tell me I need to cover my face with a veil. I for one don’t want anyone to tell a Muslim that what they believe is wrong, anymore than what I believe is wrong. That is what makes our country free!

Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms!!! Each of us better take note of what each part of that really means and be prepared to stand up for those gifts our forefathers fought for, and by that, I mean VOTE next month! The article on the 9/11 run will appear in November issue and please put on your calendars to participate in one of the many Veterans events scheduled for November.

I have heard people say (believe it or not): “Veterans are just a thing of the past”; one chick even called them “dinosaurs”. What I want to set in print for all to read is: the new generation of Veterans are young, they are moms & dads/brothers & sisters, they are someone’s beloved children, who just like our Vietnam, Korean, World War I, World War II servicemen and women and those who served in all the wars before and in between, they have paid a price that we should HONOR, RESPECT and SHOW HOMAGE to. Shame on anyone that doesn’t get it!

Be safe on the highways, thank anyone who protects our lives and freedom and don’t forget your sunscreen…

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