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Monthly Archives

Riding The West Coast

By Pete West Coaster


I wasn’t able to get out and deliver mags this month as I had to have some follow-up injections in my neck after surgery. Thanks to Beth a.k.a. Lulu and TJ for delivering this month I’d like to share a solution from the blazin’ hot and strong sun that we experience here in Florida. From the sun I developed ‘pinguecula’ which is a wart like growth on your eyeball. The treatment is surgery no fun; and if left untreated it can cause blindness. It’s a recurring condition and I’ve had 3 surgeries to remove it. So I bought a pair of “pants holders”. They are elastic straps with clips on both ends and you attach ‘em to your pants cuffs and under your boots to keep your pants from ridin’ up.  Well I took one and attached it to my standard ball cap and ran it under my chin. Now while ridin’ my cap doesn’t blow off and it provides shade to my eyes, face and forehead. Also, I can see much better without the sun directly in my eyes. Probably save me from getting “crow’s feet” too as I’m not squintin’ so much. Hope this helps everyone to enjoy their ridin’.

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