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Monthly Archives

Riding To Remember 911

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="431" width="600" height="600" ]

Well thanks to Jessica Eckelbarger and the fine folks at Rue & Ziffra law firm, Joe Vece and the Knights of Inferno, the wonderful ocean front restaurant Beach Front Grille on A1A, the officials from Flagler County, Frank and Traci from WROD Radio 104.7 FM, and the police and deputies that escort this ride each year rain or shine a wonderful although wet day was had by all!

I never let the weather dampen my spirits on this event nor the heat when it is wet. When it rains I tell myself it is tears from heaven and all these years later I have decided they are happy tears of thanks to all those who rain or shine refuse to forget the loss of lives that day! And when it is unbearably hot…I remind all how hot that burning building was and the brave men and women trying to get out, or in, to help others escape…

I cannot begin to thank all those that participated in the moving ceremony; from those who rang bells, carried our flags, sang, spoke, preached, shared their story of loss and grief, to those who spent endless hours planning the execution of this ride.

But who I really want to THANK today is each and everyone who got up in the rain and got on their bikes and RODE!!! It wasn’t a little rainy it was sopping rain and we still had…I would have to estimate 500 bikes. I was amazed. When I got up and started dressing I thought this isn’t going to be good. No one will care enough to come out all these years later in this BAD weather. I was stunned when I rode into the parking lot in my dry SUV with the excuse I was protecting my camera. Once there I felt shamed into hitching a ride for the 60+ mile trip in the weather, with my camera. I had to be a part of these patriots that WILL NOT let that day go without due RESPECT!

The ride ended at Beach Front Grille with free food, live music by a great band Southern Chaos and just enough dry weather to make eating outside happen! Again thank you to all who serve our country and work daily in harm’s way. In light of what just happened in Paris we are still living in a very dangerous world and we need to pray for the safety of our first responders, our military, our police officers and our way of life!!!


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