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Monthly Archives

Rockin’ Wheels 2011 Riding Central Florida

By Lil Jon

April 1st is not only April Fools’ Day it is also the Rockin’ Wheels 2011 party day.

Furst Automotive & Cycle and Gainesville Harley Davidson got together and threw a party for bikers at a campground in Fort White, Florida. An old skool party where anything goes and it went!!!

Friday opened up with Dark Water Social on stage, Local Traffic got up after them, then came Monster and the night finished off with Efen. On Saturday the day started with Ray’s Ride to the Gainesville Harley dealership, there had to be well over 100 bikes that roared up to the dealership. We ate free food that was served by Harley. Then it was back to the party where the band line up was, Dark Water Social, Mid Life Crisis, Core and finished up with Big Engine.

Both days there were wet t-shirt contests. There was a tattoo contest that was held by Tattudio, also a bike contest where plenty of trophies were handed out. Bike games were held and the famous burn out contest where again a bunch of bikers put on a smoke show so crazy that one biker Terry had to stand up on his bike while it smoked the tire just to get a breath of fresh air, oh yeah, and have a beer before his tire blew. There also was a charity event for Locks for Love where a couple of long haired folks got their heads shaved for donations that reached the amount of $2,000.00.

The weather was great. Hardly any one got any sleep… Oh yeah, and did I tell ya? Beer was a dollar! Donation of course, thanks to the American Legion Riders of Live Oak Post 107.

If the feed back is good they will probably do it again next year right around first weekend of April, so let Gainesville Harley and Furst Automotive and Cycle know ya had a great time so they plan another party and they can get started on it early and let us know it’s a yes for next year.

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