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Monthly Archives

Rocking The Bear


Rocking bear

Saturday night bike night at the Black Bear Pub in Ocala had a hot new band Infuzion rocking the stage. Jay Bird Barrows has been in the Rock & Roll industry for 40+ years and knows how to make great sounds. His new band can play some great rock & roll.

As the bikes rolled in the band was already up and running. Tammy Lynn Daniszewski, the owner of Black Bear Pub had some new games for the crowd to play during intermission.

During the second set lead singer Jason invited all the women onto the stage to sing along with a little “Road House Blues”. The band played for 5 hours until 10pm and the crowd still wanted more.

The Black Bear Pub has been open for a little over a year now. It serves food Fri-Sun and has excellent eats while drinking adult beverages while listening to great music. It is an easy ride down 40 into the forest. So, during Biketoberfest take a ride out for a cold one about an hour out of Daytona.

See ya at the Bear…

P.S. Forgot to mention Fish also threw a surprise birthday party for his lovely wife Shane that night, so happy “29th” again LOL

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