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Monthly Archives

Rolling Thunder’s Ride To The Wall 2014

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="326" width="600" height="600" ]

I was blessed with an opportunity to work a vendor’s booth in Washington, D.C. during the Run to the Wall in May. Having participated in the ride a few years ago with Rolling Thunder Chapter 8 out of Port Orange, I knew what an awe inspiring event this rally is and how important it is to give respect and tribute to the veterans that protect our freedom, often giving their lives or enduring great emotional turmoil as a result of their time spent in the service.

The makers of Bayer, Aleve and Alka-Seltzer set up a booth on vendors row and have people meet and greet the veterans or their families, and to dole out free samples of their products. Since many of the folks coming up to the booth have spent days on the seat of their motorcycles they definitely have aches and pains…and many were happy to have the chewable Alka-Seltzer for on the road and a handful of Bayer and Aleve for pain relief. It’s really commendable when a large company takes time and money to celebrate an event like this for our vets!!!

I was able to catch a ride on the parade from the Pentagon parking lot to the Vietnam Wall with Frenchy from France. There isn’t a more moving sound than when the bikes throttle up to make the short trip past the capitol and down to the Wall. Thousands line the streets waving flags and blowing kisses to these vets and the Gold Star Moms.

The Gold Star Mother’s on the lead bikes will certainly leave you in tears when they talk about the loss of their children. One of the mothers’ from Palm Coast, Florida son was one of the hundred veterans that lost his life once back in the U.S. due to poor quality care by the V.A. He asked for help for his post traumatic stress and was given a distant appointment; he hung himself before medical intervention was provided. She has been a spokesperson before the Senate and is lobbying for change. You would hope that once back in the U.S. these boys and girls would be safe and able to get adequate medical intervention.

The work of Rolling Thunder within the local communities and nationally is never ending and with far reaching. If you want to get involved with an organization this is the one I would urge you to ride with.

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