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Monthly Archives

Roscoe’s Chili Challenge 2011

By Miserable George

Thirteen may be an unlucky number, but, thirteen times TWO was a big lucky number for Roscoe’s Chili Challenge, 2011 edition. November 3, 4, 5 and 6, saw some real nice weather…maybe a bit cool, and one brief shower, but nice just the same. We rolled in early on Wednesday, set up camp, and watched the crowd start to slowly but steadily trickle in. By Thursday, it was filling up, and Friday saw the spacious grounds nearly filled to capacity. Vendors abounded…merchandise and food…were up and running. The body painters were busy all day and night, as evidenced by the number of gals showing off their body art. Good job!! A few babes didn’t bother with body art…they just ran around topless…YEAH!!! Bands started on Friday, and everyone was getting keyed up for the big day…Saturday! Pogo was on stage, doing his thing, he was a little late getting here this year…missed his flight in Calif., but, he more than made up for it!!

As I said, Sat. was the big day. Bike show, horse shoe matches, biker games, out-house racing, and of course, cooking chili! Hey, mix all this in with a tattoo contest, arm wrestling, body art contest, mini-bike racing, and the big “beauty contest”, well Goober, there was something going every minute!! Sat. evening was the official opening ceremonies, a tribute to our service people, a moment of silence for a fallen brother, and all the awards for the various events of the week-end. Plus, a talented ventriloquist, and (of all things) an orgasm contest! I might add here, that the crowd cleaned up the free chili in record time!! (Burp!!)

Hey, nearly 5000 people can’t be wrong…ROSCOE DOES IT RIGHT!! I wanna see YOU there in 2012, first week-end in November! A big thanks to my daughter, ValGal, and all the Chili Challenge personal for all the help…you too Kneecap!!

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