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Monthly Archives

Roscoe’s Chili Challenge

By Miserable George


Who would’ve thought that way back in 1986, a friendly backyard party would someday become one of the biggest and best biker gatherings in the state of Florida…hell, maybe the whole country! Yep, Roscoe and Li’l Hank started it all with a friendly chili cook-off and a few close friends in attendance. It has turned into over 5000 revelers, every first full week-end in November, with the “back yard” expanding to well over 20 acres of well maintained camping area. That weekend starts on Thursday, but we arrived on Tuesday to secure our regular spot. It didn’t take long for a host of vendors to get set up, as a steady stream of riders made their way to their favorite camp spot, to prepare for a weekend of fun and mayhem! Primo Emcee, Pogo, couldn’t make it this year, due to prior commitments, so, Roscoe and Soundman Steve filled in, doing an admirable job! Live bands formed the back drop for many of the events, including a tribute to our Armed Forces, horse shoe matches, a ride-in bike show, biker games, the famous Outhouse Nationals, mini bike races, and the chili cook-off itself on Saturday. It didn’t take long for the bikers to scarf up all that free chili, AND, wash it down with some free beer! New this year, was a pole dance contest, with $1000 to the winner…a comely little darling from Pole World, in California. Also, the body painters were very busy all week-end, which left a lot of the ladies wearing…well…paint!! YEAH!! Other impromptu pole action by a host of gorgeous babes, kept the on-lookers pretty excited! I had a ring-side seat to all this action, high up in a cherry-picker…thanks Steve!! Hey, the weather was perfect, the babes were hot, and the beer was cold…all contributing to a fantastic event. All winners of the various events received cash and/or trophies! I gotta thank Roscoe and the whole crew for their hospitality, and Mike…that firewood was a blessing! If the BIG MAN OK’s it, I’ll see you all there next year. Ride safe…

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