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Monthly Archives

Rue, Ziffra & Caldwell’s Tri-County Backpack Run – Wet & Still A Success

By Lulu

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As often happened this summer, it rained and rained hard! But is spite of the weather gods not being on our side this summer, the great bikers of Volusia, Putnam and Flagler County did their best to help the children of the Children’s Home Society. This year the run began at Saints & Sinners and we were joined by riders from the Christian Motorcycle Asso., Rolling Thunder Florida Chapter 8 and Knights of Inferno. We have to thank Rolling Thunder for always being there to help whether it is to park, ride or MOVE!!!

The short ride down A1A to First Turn Steakhouse and Lounge who hosted the party was damp, but David Sweat and Rick Hilliard didn’t seem to mind the pelting one bit. I personally want to thank all who in spite of the weather helped us raise $1700 in cash and 144 backpacks. This certainly will help the Children’s Home Society provide for children who have no one to provide these needed supplies for the new school year. Thank you Rue, Ziffra and Caldwell, First Turn Steakhouse & Lounge, Saints & Sinners and to each of you who rode wet to make a difference!

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