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Monthly Archives

Spooks ‘N Scoots 2011

By Miserable George

Hey, you all know me…maybe…but at any rate, I tell it like it is, and so it is with Spooks & Scoots, 2011. This event (the 31st Annual) had just about all the negative crap you could think of going against it this year: the recession, other local events, and…the weather. All these things made for a smaller crowd…smaller yes, but not less enthusiastic!

It was a “genuine” crowd…real scooter people! The rain had NO negative effect on these folks what-so-ever! I’m here to tell ya, this event WILL GO ON in 2012, same time, same place…Sertoma Youth Ranch, near Brooksville, Florida Oct. 12-14, 2012. I’m sure that Jim Hill, the man whose death inspired this event back in 1980, would be proud of all the people who work so hard to make this event the success that it is, (and will be!!)

There was live music all week-end…South Bound, and Runnin’ Hard Bands did the deed! Plenty of vendors-food and merchandise- biker games, a special kids’ activities program, and, a State ABATE meeting in near-by San Antonio, Florida on Sat. As always, the very somber opening ceremony on Sat. evening, commanded the entire crowd’s attention. A “fatally” injured biker is placed in a coffin and transported to the on-site chapel, with bag pipes playing in the background…a few tears in the crowd during this ceremony…very moving.

Of course, the last biggie of the event, the infamous “Beauty Contest” went off well, plus an impromptu “Men’s Boxer’s Contest!” I pulled out very early on Sun. morning…in the rain…so I really don’t know if the Memorial Ride happened or not…it was pouring!! I’m looking forward to Spooks 2012, in as much as there are some new events planned. My thanks to all who made my job easier despite the bad weather!

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