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Monthly Archives

Spooks & Scoots 2013

By Miserable George


This year, along with the sadness of losing friends and relatives because of accidents, we lost a long-time ABATE official, and much loved friend…Wayne Carawan, for whom a special service was held just before the regular opening ceremony for the 33rd Annual Spooks & Scoots, at Sertoma Youth Ranch, near Brooksville. I tell ya, during that ritual, in which a “dead” biker is loaded into a hearse and taken to the chapel…there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere…including mine…having lost 4 good friends just last June…very sad time indeed.

But, as “they” would want it, this was a time for fun as well, all with a Halloween theme…witches, zombies, ghosts…the works!! Lots of unique costumes, including our own version of Elvira, who posed with the big sign at the entrance to the park…thanks Dee!! I gotta mention this: we had another little lady to do the Elvira thing, but at the last minute…she fell and broke her pretty little ankle!! Get well soon, Lyra!!! Dee was willing to fill in at the last minute!!! Along with biker games, there were giveaways, raffles, and of course…the 50/50 and a “Basket of Cheer! In the afternoon, there was a State ABATE meeting at nearby San Antonio, FL, and to round things out, (after the kiddies were cleared away), a somewhat subdued “beauty contest.” Sunday saw the annual Memorial Ride in the beautiful central Florida countryside!

Hey, it was a good event…live music, lots of vendors, good friends, pretty girls, and beer…all the good stuff!! We hope to see you there next year…ride safe…

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