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Monthly Archives

Spooks & Skoots 2012

By Miserable George

Spooks and Skoots 2012

Spooks may not be the most “hell raising” type of biker party in Florida, but, when you head down that long hill into the camping area, it kinda gives one the feeling of contentment and relaxation, something I look forward to every year about this time. It’s autumn, it’s Halloween, the weather is perfect, and that huge tree canopy is all you need for some really nice camping! This whole thing started back in 1980 as a memorial tribute to Hillsborough pres Jim Hill, who was lost in a motorcycle accident. It’s now a time to remember ALL riders lost…both men and women…and sad to say, the list in the Memorial Chapel grows longer every year. Folks…BE CAREFUL!!

Spooks and Skoots Girl 2012Now, there IS a brighter side to this event, including live entertainment, a host of vendors, food, the infamous “coffin” beer coolers, biker games, and of course, a “beauty contest”!! As a big bonus this year, there is a huge, new, all steel pavilion, under which the very moving opening ceremony is held, where a “dead” biker is put in a coffin and transported to the chapel. En route, folks toss flowers on the casket…I saw lots of tears at this point…very moving indeed. Also, Sunday morning, is the annual Memorial Ride to remember folks we have lost on the highway. I can’t think of a better way to honor those we love who have been lost, than to get together with friends and other riders at an event such as this. Join us next year…Oct. 11, 12, 13, 2013, and you’ll see what I mean! In the meantime…ride safe, support our troops, and ABATE, and, God Bless you all!!

On a very sad note, we would like to extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends of ten year vendor Joy Thomas who died in a tragic accident at Spooks. May she Rest in Peace…

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