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Monthly Archives

Stark Bike Fest 2015

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="432" width="600" height="600" ]

The annual Bikefest in Starke has changed during the course of its 10 year history. What started out in the local fairgrounds, a few years back moved to the downtown area of historic Starke. The pavement on Call Street now is closed to bike parking. The town square park has a permanent stage for live music and this year featured Highway to Hell on Friday and Moccasin Creek on Saturday as their headliners, but music filled the park all day. Vendors lined the street. The event includes a bike show, reptile show and games. The first 8 years Starke Bikefest was held in August. In 2014 they moved the date to October and this year they kept with a fall rally holding it October 9th and 10th. Unfortunately they have lots of competition in October with Sanford rally being the same weekend and Biketoberfest following their event, so it appeared the crowds were down a bit. I always enjoy their bike rally in that there are plenty of country roads to ride, their music is always great and I enjoy the small town atmosphere of the downtown area. The local bars Timbuktu and Red Dogs have fun peeps to hang out with…and I love the food at Downtown Grille.

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