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Monthly Archives

Sturgis 2014

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="337" width="600" height="600" ]

To listen to most of the vendors and establishments in Sturgis the crowds were down a bit, mostly due to 2015 (next year) being the 75th Anniversary of the South Dakota rally. There were still plenty of bikes on the highways and plenty of bellies at the bars everywhere you looked. Buffalo Chip featured huge bands as always and I was fortunate enough to have VIP access to the Florida Georgia Line concert thanks to Russ Brown Motorcycle Law Firm. Easyrider Saloon, Knuckle Saloon, Broken Spoke and One Eyed Jacks were filled to capacity on most nights. There are vendors everywhere and of course bike shows. But what sets Sturgis apart from most rallies is the ride. Beautiful scenery is what awaits you when you hit the highway for Spearfish, Leads, Mount Rushmore, the Needles or Custer State Park. A special thank you goes out to Dean, Felicia and Ray for taking me riding 4 of the 35 days I was in South Dakota. Since I flew in it was depressing not being able to hit the pavement. If you don’t have this one on your bucket list for the 75th start saving it is just a magical place to visit.

On one more note, the guys at Sturgis Cycles were absolutely awesome to a friend of mine who found herself with a dead car battery…they came to the house, jumped her car and then took the car in for a diagnostic check. Like to give a shout out to people that go above and beyond!

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