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Monthly Archives

Summer Bike Fest 2016

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="446" width="600" height="600" ]

Summer in January? Well if you ride south from Daytona Beach to Fort Lauderdale is seems like you experience a change of season…The Sunday afternoon was for the most part balmy, and attendance at the 8th Annual Summer Bike Fest hosted by my good friends Mike and Dee Dee was only down a bit due to a huge January storm that spawned killer tornados on the event’s weekend and destroyed his stage’s roof. The partying crowd seemed to be happy to be in the parking lot and bar of The Round Up drinking Bud products, Jager and Twisted Tea!!!

The lot was full of vendors and bike builders/shops including Rick Case Honda, Broward Motorsports, Kryptic Concepts, A-1 Cycles and Cash for Motorcycles. Billy Bob’s was serving great BBQ. The food including the roasted corn was amazing.

Terry Kirby, retired 10 year NFL veteran who played with the Miami Dolphins, 49ers, Browns and Raiders including a final game Super Bowl appearance, was a celebrity judge. He was judging from his bike built by Ken’s Cycle Center.

Frozen T contest that was hosted by Freddie from A-1 Promotions and the bikini contest added to the festivities and entertained the crowd along with live music and tons of giveaways. The bikini contest winner was Reyna, second place Carlie and the 3rd place prize went to Kody. The crowd favorite seemed to be the 5 time cover girl from Playboy, Andrea Jarova, was happy to pose with her puppy for the eager photographers.

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