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Monthly Archives

Sunrise To Sunset… Coast To Coast

By Lulu

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Hadn’t been on an overnight ride with the Rossmeyer sisters in over two years, so when the chance to ride with them to Treasure Island came upI was happy to sign up to saddle up! What I wasn’t prepared for was that it required getting out of a warm king sized fluffy bed before the sun came up to mount a cold seat and ride to the Atlantic Ocean for sunrise…riding in the high 30s. But the excitement of the ride across the state almost made the shivering bearable. That and the knowledge that the first stop was for pancakes at Deleon Springs and a warm griddle at the table to warm my red mittens.

We continued down the highway through beautiful country roads with two gas station breaks to finally find a watering hole known as the Sandbar in New Port Richey. The bartender was thrilled to hear the roar of the bikes pull in on a quiet Thursday afternoon. After a group shot and a shot or two to warm our innards we finished the trek to Treasure Island and our nice hotel, The Bilmar. Most of the group dined at Sloppy Joe’s that night, but we headed off for sushi and a cruise around town, finishing with cocktails and a great evening in the HOT tub poolside. We were not able to make the trip back with the Rossmeyer group as we decided to head to a motorcycle expo that was nearby the next day. The new friends we meet on these overnight rides are what makes going on our adventures fun…thanks for having us!

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