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Monthly Archives

Tampa Bay Area 9-11 Poker Run

By Deborah Speicher

[singlepic id=2129 w=320 h=240 float=left]On September 11, 2011 you would have thought that a major motorcycle rally was going on in the Tampa Bay area. From the early morning when we left our subdivision to the time we got home later in the day, the roads were literally packed with bikes. There were a couple of different local 9/11 events and we participated in the 10th Anniversary Poker Run sponsored by the Tampa, Brandon and New Port Richey Harley-Davidson stores.

The first stop/registration was New Port Richey H-D, second stop at Tampa Bay Downs Race Track, third at Tampa H-D, fourth at Channelside (downtown Tampa) and our final stop was Brandon H-D. At last count, the number of participants was over 3,000! Monies raised will go to two charities – Special Operations Warrior Foundation and the Michael Lynch Memorial Foundation.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation has provided care for the families of fallen and wounded military special operations forces since 1980. The Michael Lynch Memorial Foundation was named for a firefighter who lost his life in the South Tower ten years ago. His namesake foundation provides scholarship monies to children of firefighters and others who lost their lives at the September 11 tragedy, as well as children of firefighters who lose their lives in fires or other disasters.

As the event began to wind down, there were poignant speakers and a ceremony with a piece of the Twin Towers courtesy of Nam Knights MC. Incredible that out of two large buildings that only bits and pieces of scrap metal was all that was left. Hats off to our Tampa Bay area patriotic motorcycle community who make us proud to be an American!

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