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Monthly Archives

The Dog Pound’s Ride for Brian Castillo

By Lulu

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Glenn & Sharon from the Dog Pound Saloon in Bunnell have had their own trials and tribulations this past year, but they still make the time to try to help others when they hear of a need!!

One of their bartenders, Dawn Martinez, has a son with cerebral palsy and needs an expensive wheelchair that isn’t covered by insurance. A single mom that does all she can for her children, Dawn simply didn’t have the money for something that would really help her son, Brian’s quality of life.

Glenn decided to have a poker run and as always the biking community showed up on a sweltering day in June. Over 50 joined us to ride the run to Linda’s Landing out on the river, and raised almost $2000 toward the $5000 needed for the wheelchair.

We had a great lunch and if you haven’t ridden out you should (their ad in our magazine includes directions). My tuna salad wrap was delicious. Our next stop was Glenn’s other bar, Smiles in Palm Coast and then off to The White Eagle and back to the Dog Pound.

The 3 Headed Step Child played their hearts out on the outside stage. And by the 2nd set the band was drenched! Glenn served free BBQ, gave away door prizes and Howie, co-owner of the White Eagle who always tries to ride on community events, won the best hand and gave the money back to!

I am certain Dawn would like me to thank those who rode and Glenn & Sharon for caring enough to help provide “new wheels” for Brian.

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