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Monthly Archives

The Good, The Bad And What The Hell?

By Eric Darrow

Medeira Beach FestWe decided to go see a friend in Brandon, stay over and ride on to the Madeira Beach Bike Fest. Well the cold never stopped me from riding or complaining about it, and we left out of the Daytona area around half past five on an already cold day. As soon as we came up on O-town our greeting was cars stopping quick, slow go, no go and oh no! The next 50 miles were misery. And it only got a little better as we passed the mouse ear electric pole. The cagers went into sprint car mode and were changing lanes so fast and without signals. I don’t recall using my horn so much or clutching the bike without my hands. Finally the GPS had us get off I4 and ran us through strawberry country with beat up roads and construction barriers everywhere.

After a two hour ride that lasted 3.5 hours we hooked up with friends for dinner and some incredible partying at some Irish Pub with live classic rock and roll including Hendrix, Zepplin and lots of shots. The rest of the night rocked on until we found ourselves hitting the wall. Sunday with sunshine on our backs we headed for Madeira Beach. After finding every detour in the Tampa area we finally rolled into the Bike Fest. Or should I say what the hell. The event was one block long maybe sixty bikes, 15 vendors and more trophies than participating bikes. After a 10 minute walk up and back it was time to head home. So if you ever hear about this event and decide it might be fun, I suggest you open up a Thunder Roads Florida and pick a place instead. Stay warm my friends.

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