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Thunder Rider Featured Bike… Flames

Submitted by Deaf John and Goldie

[autoviewer id="115" width="600" height="600" ]

Our names are John Blevins and Diane Czochara of Daytona Beach, Florida. We are known as Deaf John and Goldie. I have been riding for more than 40 years, starting out on dirt bikes with my family. I graduated from AMI (now Wyotech) in 1986. I have owned more than 40 Harleys in the past 10 years. Goldie hopes to get her motorcycle endorsement soon.

I gave Goldie an old shovel basket case for her birthday, but realized with many projects it would take a while to finish, so we sold the parts and bought this 2000 Police Road King early in 2011. We were actually looking for a newer police bike, but loved the paint job. It is almost entirely stock other than the seat, mild exhaust and work to decommission it as a police bike. It still retains stock police gearing, meaning it takes off fast, and has good top speed as well and is very reliable. Goldie will ride this when she gets her endorsement, but for now it is my daily rider.

We love riding, partying, going to events, watching bands and visiting bars with our Florida friends and our friends from other states when they come for bike events. We enjoy reading Thunder Roads and enjoyed winning their second Thunder Rider Bike contest!

2000 Police Road King

To enter contest for the next flame bike or to vote on the red bike to be featured in December issue see instructions at the bottom of the home page

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