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Monthly Archives

Veterans Appreciation Day At Open Road

By Metric and Phoenix


Open Roads in Arcadia is the best Biker Bar in town. Every weekend Open Road has something going on. One weekend it may be Lady’s Biker day or Old School Biker day, whatever it is you can bet you will have a great time. Recently, Fire and Rick hosted a VETERANS APPRECIATION DAY. The event was to recognize our HEROES and support the riding groups that help our Veterans and active personnel in times of need. Our Government as well as the VA has neglected our Veterans for far too long and Veterans Organizations and Veteran motorcycle clubs have had to pick up the slack and fill the gaps. Thanks to Open Road and all the Veterans organizations that participated in the event to raise money to support their local Veterans Charities. Special recognition to Open Road, Veterans Fundraising Assoc., Steel Horse Life, Gator Guns and the Veterans-in Arms VMC for sponsoring the event. In addition to the sponsors thanks to Moccasin Wallow for keeping us entertained throughout the day. Remember November 11th is the official Veterans’ Day, but everyday should be Veterans Day. If you are a Veteran “THANK YOU, BROTHER” for your service. If you see a Veterans, tell him or her THANK YOU!!!!

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