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Monthly Archives

West Coast Riding

By Pete


Awrighty then! Here I am March 1st doin my monthly delivery along the west coast. A beautiful day fer a putt, 75ish n sunny. I stop in High Octane in Homosassa round 11am n drop off bout 150 Thunder Roads mags. I’m takin a few pics n havin a beer n chattin with lots of nice folks. Met Emory who was on an older trike with a Ford 289 ci motor with 400 horsies!! WOW that thing has gotta fly. Anyway bein new to the area I ask a group where Kilo’s Bar n Grill is. Dave says we’re headed there now, so “follow us”. So, there’s 3 guys n myself, 2 on nice baggers n one on a sporty. The baggers start out n “sporty” does a huge burnout leavin me chokin on “Dunlap bullion”. I’m gaspin fer clean air n thinkin “What did I get myself into?” We get to the gate on US 19 n wait for an opening to pull out. AGAIN, “sporty” does this HUGE burnout leavin a long wavy black streak on the road.  I’m suckin thick smoke n now my eyes r burnin n can barely see. Hadda give it all I had to keep up n not get separated. We pull into Kilo’s n heart is pumpin fast from a short but very spirited ride. Jus wanna thank those guys for showin me the way. Names n better descriptions are bein withheld so the cops don’t catch on. Hope to see you guys on my April delivery of Thunder Roads.


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