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Monthly Archives

What ABATE Means to Me

They call me JumpinJack:


Well first, there is the intended purpose of ABATE—–to support a lobbyist in the state capital that will support motorcyclists’ rights. Motorcyclists always seem at the mercy of lawmakers and insurance companies, and it is beneficial to a rider’s lifestyle to have someone fighting for our rights. And ABATE of Florida, INC, has been effective in the past: the mandatory helmet law, traffic sensor laws, motorcycle parking, motorcycles allowed in car pool lanes, and so on. All important issues to me and they get on the docket because of our lobbyist in Tallahassee. Also in place is a patent, MSAP (Motorcycle Safety Awareness Program) that is presented to schools and any organization, by certified chapter Safety Directors.

That is the meat and potatoes, and the fun part is how we support the lobbyist-by having toy runs, poker runs, campgrounds, and parties! We generate revenue through these events so we can pay the lobbyist. I’ve made many friends and had a great time over the years through ABATE of Florida, INC, Lake County Chapter, events, and I am still enjoying the organization.

So this is what it means to Me-Fighting for my rights on the road. Making many friends, and all of them ride! Getting to see those friends on a regular basis. The camaraderie that comes from working and playing together on our fund raising projects. Being a part of something big… big enough to affect the entire state… and country! The feeling that comes from standing up for your rights, and not just getting steamrolled by the legislature. Participating in miles long escorted protest rides to get the public’s attention, an annual “Can You See Me Now” ride happens in May, motorcycle safety month. Collecting toys for the not so fortunate children. State meetings, and riding all around the state. And the parties! I have had so very much fun over the years, with the good friends I have made through ABATE Lake County Chapter. Good lasting relationships with people that care about the same things I do. And of course, the monthly meetings, so we can get together and run our business.

I’ve been a member of ABATE Florida, INC, for 25 years, and it has been a meaningful and satisfying experience. And even though I go through periods when I’m not very accessible, I will always belong. Motorcycling is very important to me, and so is protecting my freedom.  Ride on, ride safe, and see you all soon…

JumpinJack Ron DeLaurier – check out the organization in Lake County at: or ABATE of Florida, INC at

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