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Monthly Archives

Willie’s Chopper Time At Tropical Tattoo 2016

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="463" width="600" height="600" ]

Willie’s Chopper Time is always my Bike Week and Biketoberfest favorite day! I think it is the most attended event in the Daytona area, and the 75th was no exception. Even Willie could barely get through the crowd and trying to get up close and personal to photograph the bikes was a tad difficult as we had to shimmy between tightly packed bikes. The music was great and included Sneaky Tree, Big Rick and the Trouble Makers and Jasmine Cain. The weather was just awesome. The winner of the custom Kramer guitar was Cecil Wallace.

Willie would like to thank everyone that helps put this event on and a special thanks to his sponsors: The Horse Back Street Choppers Magazine, Twisted Tea, Biker’s Choice, Self Made Customs, Rue & Ziffra, PA, Bare Bones Leather, Chop Docs, Cycle Source Magazine, Led Sled, Biker’s Pocket Guide, Bling’s Cycles, Boomer’s Bike Shop, Lucky Loser, DK Customs, Lowbrow Customs, Anvil Customs and Black Water Guns.

Guest judges included Bill Dodge, Tank, Stalker James, Jeff Cochran, Mailman, Phil Z, Englishman, Chris Gallo, Curt Green, Spacey, Boston Mike, Lincoln Strom, Wendall Turner, Clay, Chris Callen, Ron Harris, Hammer, Steve Broyles, Joey Tee, Kari, Reverend Al, Awesome Autumn, Tito, Dave Perewitz, Roadside Marty and Willie. I would not have wanted to be a judge because each bike had awesome qualities that set one apart from the next. Their picks are listed below!

Award Bike Winner  
Best Twin Cam Road King Big Dave Canoj
Best Metric 79 XS 650 Andres Munoz
Best Knucklehead 46 Knuckle Tom Holter
Best Shovelhead  Ol School Bobber Carsten Fritzen
Best EVO  99 Evo Alley Cat
Best Creative Custom 77 Ironhead Shortsters
Best British 57 Triumph Jon Laurendeau
Best Outhouse Chopper 48 El Panhead Anthony Gallo
Best Rat 40 Indian Wes Connally
Best Sportster 76 Ironhead Mike Weedin
Best Panhead 58 Pan Bobby Cobelk
Best Flathead 41 Indian Doug Wothke
The Horse’s Choice Rigid Shovel Scott Key
The Horse’s Choice Sportster Neal Perkins
People’s Choice

People’s Choice


63 XLH Sportster

Jack Donkey

Jeff Fehley

Kari’s Choice Indian Bob Seeger Jr
Kari’s Choice Honda 750 Stanley Hasting
Roadside’s Choice 46 Knucklehead Brian Elliott
Roadside’s Choice 75 Shovel Pat Isaacson
Willie’s Choice 47 Knuckle Pam Garbig
Willie’s Choice

Willie’s Choice

73 Ironhead

Knuckle Shovel Rat

GredBad&g Customs

Lee Bones Doggett

BD’s Customs Choice 64 Shovel Daniel Boone Banks
Reverend Al’s

Tropical Tattoo Choice

47 Knuckle

Pam Knuckle Rat

Warren Lane

Pat Moroney

Ladies Choice

Cycle Source Choice

57 FLH Panhead

53 Panhead

Clinton Wallace

Chris Wade

Bling’s Choice

Chop Docs Choice

64 Panhead

72 FLH

Eric Stein

Jesse Srpam

Dave Perewitz Choice 49 Panhead Ben Jordan

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