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Monthly Archives

Willie’s Chopper Time At Tropical Tattoo 2017

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="526" width="600" height="600" ]

As far as putting Bike Week events into a list of my favorite things, Willie’s Chopper Time at Tropical Tattoo is heads above the rest. A parking lot full of unique masterpieces is what you will find! Cool people and celebrities, this year that included Dave and Jodi Perewitz. If you decide to go inside and get tatted, you will be putting yourself in the hands of some of the best ink artists anywhere. Willie’s has been in the same building at 825 S. Yonge St. since 1990. My one and only tat was done at Willie’s by Ron a couple of years ago, and if I wasn’t such a sissy I would have probably let him get under my skin again that day. The bands this year rocked the back yard and our friends, NY Rockabilly Rockets, had their first experience of playing for the crowds that gather in the backyard. One thing that must be said about Willie’s show is you can always count on cold beer for charity, great music, awesome bikes and plenty to take pictures of. Special thank you to Rue & Ziffra law firm for their support of this event and to Bill Grotto from Twisted Tea for bringing Twisted Tea and eye candy to my favorite event of Bike Week.

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