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Monthly Archives

Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Biketoberfest 2013 Bike Show

By Amy Poole

[autoviewer id="294" width="600" height="600" ]

The weather couldn’t have been any sunnier or warmer for Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Old School Bike Show!! The property was thick with people circulating to take a look at all of the pure ol’ school choppers that were lined up to show off their uniqueness and hopefully get a trophy by its side. The host of the bike show was Tropical’s very own Roadside Marty revealing the awards and entertaining the crowd with his comical humor. Inside Tropical’s Tattoo shop was also booming with ladies and gents picking out their tats and waiting to get inked!!

Every year all the profits from the bike show benefit a charity in need. This year we all helped a Marine Veteran named Bob Barry in need of a prosthetic leg. Nikki Lynn, owner and founder of The Arni Foundation, volunteers with many of her peeps every week at the Veterans Nursing Home taking the fellows out to lunch and such. She met Bob at Hooters and he told her his story. Nikki and crew assist during the bike show and with all of us coming together the monies raised was $6200.00 and Bob took his first few steps this Veteran’s Day!! I wish you all could see the video…it’s very moving!! Moments like this make Shane and I feel lucky to be a part of these occasions.

Willie would like to say Thank You to all the sponsors who participated, all the volunteers and like some of us say…You tattooed bikers are the BEST!! Thank you, Willie and Jean, for bringing all of these good times together year after year…and it only keeps getting better!!!!

Mark your calendar for Bike Week 2014 to be at Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Bike Show always on Thursdays!

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