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Monthly Archives

Wolf Pack MC State Party

By Miserable George


It seems that Jan. 18, 2014, was the coldest day of the season…so far…AND, the day of the Third Annual Wolf Pack MC State Party. I tell ya, this club just cannot catch a break on the weather! The first two State Parties fared pretty much the same way as this one did…COLD!!! Anyway, a nice crowd DID show up, and, most of them DID ride!! The first order of the day was to get the 2 fire pits going to provide at least a little bit of warmth…space around these pits was soon at a premium!! The chief cook…OD…had the best job of all: right next to the big cooker, all day long! Nice!! He did his job well too, as the food was plentiful, as well as, very tasty!! The band, “Red Tide” did their best to keep the crowd rockin’…ergo…warm them up a bit!!! All the pretty girls there certainly helped to warm THIS old boy up…ehhh…pretty much, I’d say!! Let’s hope that in the future, WPMC can cop a WARM day for their party! I wanna thank the club for their on-going generosity! Hey, ride safe…ya hear??

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