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Monthly Archives

Women’s Day Event at Brandon Harley-Davidson

By Deborah Speicher

Women's Day AT The Harley Dealer

On Saturday June 9, the Ladies of Harley (Old Town HOG Chapter) and Brandon Harley-Davidson held a free Women’s Day Event. It was geared for ALL women — riders, passengers or if you just liked motorcycles. The large dealership was packed full of vendors with all kinds of products for women, as well as, a photographer, Cindy Yokum, whose pin-up style photography was incredible.

Seminars were held throughout the day and started with “how to pack for a trip.” Sounds like an easy thing to do until you decide to make that first big road trip and find out you probably didn’t need half of the stuff you brought. This seminar was done by a real pro, Bobby Moody, who has criss-crossed the country on his motorcycles over the years. Additional seminars were held on how to pick up a downed motorcycle and how to customize your bike.

Members of the HOG chapter were also the models for a fashion show. This really confirmed that Harley-Davidson clothing and gear is made to fit and look good on everyone regardless of their size. A 20% discount on all motorclothes made it even nicer to buy some of the cool clothing that was highlighted that day.

The icing on the cake for this event was speaker Susan Hurst. Susan has been an avid motorcyclist for many years and even authored two books on the history of women and motorcycling. Many of you may be familiar with her monthly column “Women’s World” in Born to Ride Magazine. Susan spoke about how some years back many people felt it was unacceptable for women to ride their own motorcycles. Thankfully, the current perception of women riders has totally changed from what is was just 20 to 30 years ago. A lot of Susan’s friends came from near and far that day to support her including her sisters in the wind from Leather & Lace MC.
Many thanks to all who helped organize and participated in this fun and informative event!

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