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Monthly Archives

You Decide The Ride At The Cabbage Patch

By Lulu


A new concept in the greater Daytona area was spawned by the crew at the new radio station The Rock of Daytona. You can go online and vote for the charity you would like to see the profits of the event go to. This is a quarterly event with different locations and different charities each time. The event in August started at The Lost Lagoon in New Smyrna, next stop New Smyrna Harley Davidson, then off to OB’s in Deland and then to Rudy’s Crossroads with our final party stop in Samsula at Cabbage Patch. Free BBQ was served, the band rocked the place and the charities included two veterans’ groups and a playhouse. Hundreds rode and everyone seemed to be looking forward to the next event which will be November 21st starting at the Wing House on International from 10:30a to 12:30p…the ending party will be at First Turn Steakhouse in Port Orange. Thanks to The Rock of Daytona 104.7 FM WROD and Rue & Ziffra law firm for bringing us this great event for our community! Go to to register!

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