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Paws for Patriots

By Deborah Speicher

Paws For Patriots

The Paws for Patriots program was initially developed by Southeastern Guide Dogs to provide guide dogs to help blinded and disabled soldiers. It now also provides service dogs for those with PTSD, facility therapy dogs for military hospitals, and emotional support dogs for those who need companionship and emotional support. These dogs give our active duty soldiers and veterans mobility, independence and dignity.

However, the VA does not provide any funding for these dogs and private donations are needed to keep the program going. The Old Town HOG Chapter (Brandon, FL) has been supporting this charity since 2007. During the course of a couple of months, they did some small fundraisers (raffles, t-shirt sales, pancake breakfast/lunch) which led up to a golf tournament. The pancake breakfast and lunch were held on October 8 (the eve of the golf tournament) at Brandon Harley-Davidson. Several hundred people came to support this event, check out the new 2018 H-D models and enjoy some good food.

Kudos to all the volunteers, supporters and, especially, Brandon Harley-Davidson who donated all the food for the breakfast/lunch event. When all was said and done, it appears that the Chapter had raised over $50,000 through the combined efforts. Way to go Old Town HOG Chapter!

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