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We want to keep our members informed with relevant information.  To help us do that we have divided the state of Florida into five regions.  Periodically we will broadcast information to the members based on the regions that you are signed up for. You can remove yourself from any region by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email. You can see the Regional Map Here.

Some members may want to receive messages from other regions nearby. Soon we will be adding the ability to sign up for additional regions.

After sign up be sure to check your spam folder to make sure you didn’t miss one of our confirmation emails. You will get three emails. One to confirm for your membership to this site, one to confirm that you want to receive notifications & announcements and one with your membership details.

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Your user name and password gives you access to all the membership features. You can access  your membership profile information from this link You can change your password, phone number and region on this page. Adding subscriptions to other regions will be available soon.

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Members can submit photos & videos to be published in the magazine or on the website.

If you have pictures of unique tanks, seats, bikes or babes you can submit them here. If you have a cool video of interest to our visitors submit them here. We can’t promise you that it will get in but we’d love to have them.

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Only the members are allowed to comment on the articles published. We encourage the membership to engage with the site. We appreciate you involvement. So if you have any thoughts, opinions or criticism take the time to submit your comment at the bottom of any article.

If You Have Any Problems With The Site or Your Membership

If you have any questions or problems with the site or your membership we want to know right away so it can be fixed. Use the Contact link at the top or bottom of any page to submit them.