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Monthly Archives

Black Cloud Bikini Contest 2011

By Amy Poole

The annual bikini contest held at Black Cloud Saloon during Biketoberfest was hotter than ever! The girls strutted their stuff on the runway like they owned it, in their barely there bikinis. John, owner of Black Cloud Saloon, has been hosting this tradition for many years therefore loads of people know about this event from all over and wouldn’t miss it. And it only gets better! This event is always on “our” Not to Miss List during the bike events. This year it was done a little differently having 4 judges, along with the sound meters, which I think went over well. Not only does the Black Cloud have the bikini contest going on during Bike Week and Biketoberfest, they also have live music, camping, and great food all year long. With the weather getting cooler soon you’ll positively enjoy the warm fireplace and good grub at Black Cloud. Make it on your must stop in list and enjoy!

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Dog Pound Survivor Party

By Lulu

Glenn and Sharon once again let their yearly Biketoberfest Survivor Party “go to the dogs”! LOL! This is a yearly event that, after the craziness of our schedule trying to cover the bike shows, bikini contests, coleslaw wrestling and making it to all the party spots in town, finally gives us a chance to just chill with friends and “the big dogs”!

This year 3 Headed Stepchild rocked the back yard with their new lead singer Mickey Cash. Old friends and new ones that joined us for our Thunder Riders’ party made it a really nice afternoon at the Pound. If you haven’t joined Thunder Riders go to and become one of group. Our next party will be in March!

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Faces And Places

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Beauties And The Beasts

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Coleslaw Cabbage Patch Wrestling

By Kneecap

Great weather, cabbage, big prize money, and wild women, is the perfect combination for coleslaw wrestling at the legendary Cabbage Patch Bar in Samsula. For more than 25 years coleslaw wrestling has been a don’t miss event for both Bike Weeks. Dozens of girls compete for prize money while wallowing in the slaw, with thousand of Bikers lining the fence to cheer them on.

Coleslaw Wrestling isn’t the only reason to go to the Cabbage Patch Bar. Wet T-Shirts, T-Back Beer Pulls, Sexy Banana Eating and Hot Buns contests, Bike Drop, and Sky Diving, are just some of the events that take place.

Don’t wait until Bike Week to go to the Cabbage Patch Bar. The Bar is open year round with a great staff, entertainment, poker runs and charity functions.
I hope to see you there because I go there often.

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Willie’s Old School Bikes At Tropical Tattoo

By Miserable George

I’ve said it before, and, I’ll say it again…Biketoberfest IS Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Show. Hey, it’s easy parking, big, friendly crowd …all with one thing in common, old school motorcycles, the way it was, and hopefully will be again someday! Pans, Knuckles, Shovels, a Flattie or two, even an old Indian, mixed in with a few Jappers, BMW’s, and of course, the old stand-by…Trumpets! I tell ya Hoss, it don’t get much better’n this!! Lots of Willies regular awards, plus a bunch of special hand-made pieces by the likes of Rogue (Easyrider), and legendary bike builder, Dave Perowitz and his daughter, Jodi, who just broke the women’s land speed record! This year, Willie himself got several awards! And the babes…well they just about took a grown man’s breath away. All this, plus a live band, food, beer, and brotherhood. Except for a brief shower in the afternoon, the day was perfect! Ran into some old friends…that’s always nice, and I hope I made a few new ones, too. So, if the BIG MAN says OK, we’ll do it again at Bike Week, 2012. Be safe, and support yer local motorcycle club!

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Boot Hill Saloon Biketoberfest

By Amy Poole

Boot Hill Saloon sponsored our cover for Biketoberfest, one of the hottest spots
on Main Street and they also had their Ormond location open for the event. Let’s just say the Boot rocked all day and night with band after band, vendors with wild cloths by Crazy Daves, and Krome cosmetics and skin care that make you blingy (And ladies, I bought some and I love it!), food grillin’, full bars, and plenty of people watching. You can visit the Boot’s website for daily details or just pick up a piece from their store….www.boothillsaloon.

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