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About Thunder Roads Magazine Florida

Thunder Roads Florida was started five years ago by Bull Connors to share the biker lifestyle we are addicted to. Once you experience the freedom of riding open highways on two or three wheels you are hooked. Countless hours are spent wandering roadways to distant events in search of the camaraderie only bikers know. Whether it is the ritual of riding north to Sturgis or as far south as Key West, bikers know it is the ride as much as the destination.

We also are a brotherhood/sisterhood of humans with a bond that draws us out to ride on runs for all causes often not knowing those we are riding to help. It is with this knowledge that we strive to publish Thunder Roads Florida, to feature the events, to provide a calendar of statewide runs and festivals, and to show bikers in a light that non riders may not know exists.

Thank you for your interest in our magazine and we appreciate your input and your love of biking.

About the Website

Our website serves to bridge the gap that deadlines and publication numbers create. Often events are planned after our deadline cut off and now with your participation we will have the ability to have the most current and complete calendar in the state.

In the next few months we plan to expand our website capabilities to include interactive forums, memberships that will enable our members to link to events, have a classified section and to submit photos for Readers’ Rides and Thunder Cam. We are excited to bring these changes as we cross into our fifth year!