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Monthly Archives

7th Red Knights’ Shands Burn Center Run

By Lulu

Once again, the Red Knights Firefighters Motorcycle Club Florida, Chapter 11 put on a great ride for an important cause. If burns have ever affected someone you love you know how important burn centers are.

The Red Knight’s organization knows that better than anyone, being firefighters. Statistics say that two million people suffer from burns each year in the U.S. and are the 3rd cause of accidental deaths. The thing I am in awe of is the Red Knights are guys who have worked saving lives and homes, and still they give to our communities.

Over 200 riders spent their day with the Red Knights and they raised much needed funds for Shands. As part of the event a ring with the Red Knight’s emblem was given to Joe Vece for his past years of service as president of the Red Knights. No one loves this group more than Joe.

The White Eagle was the ending party after stops that included: The Oasis (St. Augustine), Mantanzas Inlet, Finn’s (Flagler Beach), a ride through the loop, Saints & Sinners (Ormond Beach) and back to the White Eagle in Korona.

Our friends from Rue & Ziffra law firm sponsored a live remote by WHOG radio. Attorney David Sweat who is always out riding for good causes and Jessica Eckelbarger from the law firm showed up to show their support. A special thank you goes out to Rue & Ziffra, P.A. and WHOG radio for all they do for the biker community! The Banditz rocked the afternoon away and I believe a great day was had by all!

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