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Monthly Archives

Family Renew Run

By Amy Poole

The 7th Annual Family Renew Run once again had an exceptional turn out for many families that are in need of a “hand up…not a hand out”. Helping families with children to achieve and make a permanent home of their own is a tough mission, but thankfully there are devoted people who do just that.

This year there were 200 riders that participated which were more than last year…plus the monies raised were just over $4,000.00 also an increase from last year!! Our day began at the OB Elks with a breakfast buffet and goodies, then off to White Eagle, Captain’s BBQ, Iron Horse, Circus 11, Main St. Station and Dirty Harry’s for free BBQ.

There are 32 families with children at the three locations of Family Renew. Each family received laundry baskets filled with groceries, laundry supplies, gifts for the kids and a Wal Mart gift card, which was all delivered before the holiday so they could have a special occasion. This couldn’t be done without the AT&T Telecom Pioneers, CWA Local 3102 volunteers, all the businesses, and all the others that take part…thank you!! Let’s make this a BIGGER success next year!!!!

If you would like to lend a hand go to:

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