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Monthly Archives

Fort Lauderdale Summer Bike Fest

By Lulu

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A special treat this summer was our trip to Fort Lauderdale for the 4th Annual Summer Bike Fest organized by Mike Rudical of South Florida Bike Events. Sponsored by Cap’n Jack’s Kettle Chips (which by the way were really tasty), Budweiser, Jagermeister, Monster Energy, Pango Pango, Homestead Studio Suites, Round Up Country Western Club and Winston & Clark, P.A. it was a well organized and well attended event.

Complete with the things that makes a bike fest fun: hot girls, a great bar, more HOT girls in a bikini contest, a bike show and lots of vendors that I hadn’t seen at other festivals. For a one day event in the heat of summer I wasn’t expecting such a great show and turn out. Good work South Florida Bike Events we plan to be there for your 5th next summer!

Scroll down for the Ft. Lauderdale Summer Fest cam

[autoviewer id="89" width="600" height="600" ]

One Response to “Fort Lauderdale Summer Bike Fest”

  • Bluesgirl/Moreen Post:

    Hey Beth, this is Bluesgirl, how can i get a copy of this? or send me a link to put it on my pics? It was great seeing you:}
    Great Pic of the Boca Posse

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