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Monthly Archives

Phil Peterson’s Key West Poker Run 2016

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="495" width="600" height="600" ]

I love September. And the reason is that 44 years ago Phil Peterson, owner of the Miami Harley-Davidsons, started a poker run from Miami to Key West to raise money for charity. It is one of my favorite events of the year!!! To begin with it is to a beautiful sleepy island or key as they call it. The island has a sign when you enter Key West “Welcome Bikers Loud Pipes and All!”, they recognize how much bikers contribute not only to charities but to the local economy and they don’t mind putting up with a little noise and rowdiness! There is plenty to drink, excellent music to be listened to, an awesome bike show and bikini clad lassies everywhere. Sunset at Mallory Square is awesome! Hog fish, fish dip and Cuban sandwiches are scrumptious, and I ate some of the best chocolate candy I have ever tasted! We always run into friends from all over and meet new peeps that we will certainly see next year. The lucky winner of the $10,000 poker hand was Roy Bram!! The run this year had 6 stops which included Gilbert’s Resort, The Big Chill, Robbie’s Marina, The Island Fish Co., Boondock’s Draft and Grille House and the final stop was Conch Republic Seafood Company. We made it to all the stops but our hands didn’t qualify us to win a thing, but having been in Rotary I was happy to make my yearly donation to an awesome cause! Our stay at Casa Marina was awesome. And we make a few noteworthy stops, not designated stops just TJ must do stops. The Last Chance in Florida City is always our first stop. TJ cannot pass the Caribbean Club coming or going and I ran into a dear friend Dave while I was sitting at the bar. This year we also stopped in at No Name Pub for a great burger in Big Pine Key where we happened upon Key Deer too. Please do yourself and Rotary a BIG favor and put this on your calendar for 2017. Come have a great time with us for a really wonderful charity!

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