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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales Feb 2012

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

By far my best ride this month was out of the White Eagle and billed as a Frosty Balls Fun Run. This was a night ride and it happened to be on a night of a below freezing temp. I was amazed that so many showed up for a night of near torture. We had a great evening and when we left the club after midnight there was a layer of frost thick enough that it crunched when I sat down. I was thinking at that point that I was glad my anatomy didn’t include balls. There aren’t many opportunities in Florida to get a taste of why so many snowbirds exist!

On a much more serious note I promised my friend Frank that I would mention a ride in March on the 4th at Surf Side Tavern for the missing mom of three, Michelle Parker. Hopefully by the time this issue comes out they will have found her, but in case they haven’t if you are in the Daytona/Orlando area please try to ride on this one.

A few other things going on in February I should mention are ABATE’s Freedom Rights Rally in Tallahassee Feb. 10-13th. And two events in Jacksonville, one on the 18th which is B.A.C.A.’s event out of Greybeards and The Bike & Boil on the 25th at Baymeadows Harley. By the way Adamec is now the new owner of St. Augustine Harley on St. George.

Say a prayer for Michelle and her family, ride even when it’s cold, and even when it is cold…don’t forget your sunscreen.

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