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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales May 2014

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

Well for the past seven years I have featured a page each month known as Skin Art. I have been intrigued by what people will ink on their skin, but never been inclined to put anything on my body. Bull, that originally brought me into the world of biking, wanted me to have a Lonnie Anderson type tat of barbed wire and Bull’s Bitch laced into the design. Obviously my answer was always NO WAY! I hate when I have a bruise. Why would I ever consider ink?! But Bike Week 2014 brought many changes in my life and one happened to be the need to get ink! So I made a visit to one of my dearest friends in the world I have grown to love, Willie at Tropical Tattoo and he hooked me up with Ron, one of his artists. For the record I am not a sissy. I endured two childbirths without any anesthesia, one of which required 24 hours of labor. Don’t let anyone tell you a tattoo doesn’t hurt.

I must admit I love the cross that Ron chiseled into the nape of my neck, hidden by my hair only those who know me well will ever know I finally gave away my ink “virginity”. I had to have my girlfriend Christy rub my thighs and show me slightly x-rated photos she had recently taken of herself to try to keep me from stopping half way through. Sherry, my BFF, who has the same tat and whose necklace we used as our art work was busy filming and laughing at me. But halfway through she whispered a message from a friend that made me realize I wasn’t going to give up. Sometimes real pain makes mental pain seem less painful. Maybe that is why some get addicted to ink…

Feel life’s pain to its fullest so you can appreciate when your life is pain free, say a prayer for someone making changes in their lives and don’t forget your sunscreen.

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