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Monthly Archives

Red Knight’s 10th 9-11 Memorial Ride

By Lulu

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Marking the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 the Red Knight’s Memorial Ride was overwhelming. There was an outpour of support from the public and it was beyond amazing. Thanks to the help of the community involved law firm of Rue & Ziffra and the organizational skills of Jessica Eckelbarger from their firm, over 6,800 bikers formed an 11 mile ribbon of bikes to ride the 67 mile tribute ride.

I have visited two of the 9/11 sites, and I plan to visit the Pennsylvania site one day. The Pentagon and the New York Memorials are extremely awe inspiring…but, seeing the number of motorcyclists taking their Sunday to MARK that we will not forget the tragedy of that day was just as amazing. 10 years is a long time. Yes, we all can remember that day clearly, but too easily we could let the importance of that event slip away. Not the 6,800 Americans that rode with pride on 9/11/2011! 10 years later it certainly moved us all to tears. I only wish that the families of those that died that day could know we haven’t forgotten their loss and take some comfort from that.

I want to personally thank Joe Vece and the Red Knights Motorcycle Club FL Chapter 11 of Palm Coast for giving us the opportunity to gather and remember. I can’t say enough about the support Attorney David Sweat and the Rue & Ziffra Law Firm have thrown behind this event the past two years. The motorcycle community is honored to have them on our side. This year we even had beautifully designed T-shirts to commemorate the event that they provided. The shirts were designed by Jessica, John Bostwick and Todd Matacale. The ride has always been a free event and continues to be, to allow all an opportunity to participate. All the hours of planning made this a wonderful event to remember the fallen and the heroes of 9/11.

Thanks also to the Flagler County Government, White Eagle Lounge for providing the free lunch, the Banditz for wonderful music, Channel 13 News for covering the event, WHOG Radio’s Frank Scott, Tracy Dillon and Sticks for not only talking it up but for being there with us. We had a special treat that morning with the vocals of Yvonne Robinson singing the National Anthem she resides here now, but was a survivor from the World Trade Center. And Katie Karam sang her song that she has recorded Everyday Heroes. A special thanks to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Dept. for a safe & wonderfully orchestrated escorted ride. Also thanks to Mark Steignher from for providing a couple of the pictures for this article.

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