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Monthly Archives

Ride To Margaritaville


By Phoenix and Metric

I have lived in Florida for most of my life and I finally got the chance to make it to the Keys for the Peterson Run this year. For the past few years either my mother or Phoenix had some issues and kept me from making the trip to the Keys. So this year, I stuck my mother in a nursing home and told Phoenix I was going with or without her!!! Just kidding folks, don’t anyone call protective services on me!!! LOL!! It just happens to work out this year. Phoenix and I had a great time thanks to my brothers from the American Legion Riders Post 28 in the Keys. Yeah, Phoenix went with me!! However, I still haven’t ridden my motorcycle to the Keys, yet. As most of you know by now, I ride with the greatest group of Veterans with the American Legion Riders. This year I had the pleasure of driving a beautiful Jeep Wrangler compliments of the American Legion to promote our newest program to help Veterans called “PROJECT:VET RELIEF”. The “Project: Vet Relief” program assists active duty personnel to transition from military life to civilian life and beyond, as well as, helping our Veterans. Please remember our active duty personnel and “ALL” of our Veterans that have given us the freedoms we enjoy today. Let us “NEVER FORGET”.

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