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Monthly Archives

Sharon Kitts’ Run At The Iron Horse

By Amy Poole

Doing a poker run for one of “our” own is never easy, but everyone that knows Sharon Kitts, and some that didn’t, supported her in every which way. I have to say I hear people say they don’t believe in the biker community and what they do for each other, but once again we proved them wrong with the way the support was shown for Sharon. Sharon was hit on her motorcycle resulting in serious injuries, including the loss of her lower leg. She is a big part of the biker community and has always been on the other side of it…working hard FOR others! Thankfully there were many volunteers and friends that worked hard for her to make this a huge success.

The poker run stops provided wonderful baskets to help raise funds for the live auction, which included BFFAR, First Turn, Port Hole, South Turn, Boot Hill and ending at the Iron Horse for food, raffles, and 50/50. Bringing in 276 bikes and raising over $8000.00 was a blessing in the sky for Miss Sharon. Speaking of the sky, I think someone was looking over the group at Iron Horse, being that there were only blue skies that day and at one point while everyone was bustling around Sharon called Shane over and told him to look up…and there was a rainbow hovering over. How moving is that??

A special thanks to the sponsors Politis Law, Bayer, Twisted Tea, Jim Beam, Biketona, Humana, and Custom Lighting EFX. A special thanks to Dan from S.R. Perrott for their donation of great auction items. Iron Horse Saloon would like to thank all who rode for Sharon and all who helped make her day! And also we would like to thank Iron Horse for their commitment to the community. Remember to always “Look Twice”…

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