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Monthly Archives

Thunder Riders’ Morning Ride to Sugarloaf Mountain

By Lulu

Our second event for Thunder Riders was during Leesburg Bike Fest and we decided to try something a bit different. A morning ride out of Yahala Bakery to Sugarloaf Mountain, since after all we call ourselves Thunder RIDERS,  we decided to ride!

It was an absolutely beautiful morning and the coffee and bakery items were wonderful. If you haven’t checked out Yahala Bakery when in the Leesburg area you should. On the weekends they often have music in the afternoons and they also have beer. The ride to Sugarloaf was great, we had a chance to make new friends and we have new members signing up everyday, if you haven’t signed up, to join go to and sign up. If you signed up but didn’t opt in to our email announcements you won’t be able to get our emails. If you signed up but are not getting our email announcements contact us.

We will be having member only events at times throughout the year. Thanks to all those who got up early and proved they really are Thunder Riders!!!!

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Scroll Down To See The Thunder Riders Sugarloaf Morning Ride

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