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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales April 2012

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

Well Bike Week has come and gone. The roads in my town are a bit quieter and less congested. We were blessed with great riding weather except for a bit of rain the first day or so. I think most businesses reaped the benefits of being “biker friendly” and should thank their lucky stars that bikers still consider Daytona a destination!

Everything I have read in the local papers have said the event boosted the local economy and almost all the bar owners I have talked with said the event was financially better than last. The fact that it got bumped back a week seemed to just extend the length of the event and I think partially that may be due to bikers that have time shares and condos locked in during the normally scheduled event.

On a sad note we had higher fatality numbers than in the past, I was told 7 died on our roadways this year, and as usual, most were not the fault of the biker. And as sad as any loss of life is…the sheer number of bikes in town just multiplies the odds of potential tragedy. I read in the same paper that in Miami they had 10 vehicular deaths in 24 hours…and that was just on a regular day! My point in all of this is simply that when we hop on the bike we must always be on guard, as we do not have the protection of a metal cage and seatbelts. The freedom of the ride we treasure does come with risks. So be alert!

I must thank everyone for coming to our Twisted Tea Bikini Contest and the Thunder Rider Party at the White Eagle during Bike Week. Our Bike Week coverage will be in the May issue as we were still in Bike Week at the time we had to go to press. See our ad in this issue regarding our Thunder Rider party during Leesburg Bike Fest and go to to join!

Say a prayer for those who lost their lives during Bike Week, have a Happy Easter and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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