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Monthly Archives

Pony Tales May 2012

Pony Tales header

By Lulu

One of my girlfriends called me the other day and pointed out how many great “hook ups” were made at one of my favorite biker watering holes. When she started naming all the great guys our girlfriends had found at the White Eagle I was quite impressed! Not that you might not have to kiss a lot of frogs, before you find a prince, if you are trolling at a bar, but the honest truth is Kim found Irv, Alexis found Pete, Lisa found Jules, Sherry found Luke, Heather found Dale, Traci found Nick, Dee Dee found Dean, Faith found Seth, Sandy found Troy, Janet found Roger, Debbie found Rooster, and last but not least, I found Micah. Even our girlfriend Biscuit found Kneecap, not so sure if that is a prince or a frog hook up though, but a hook up all the same!

They say you can’t find a good guy in a bar, but I beg to differ. The aforementioned guys I would certainly put in the good guy category, and some even great! So if you are looking for a meaningful “hook up” there might be a good guy or two left at the White Eagle Lounge in Korona! There are even many golfers that drink at the Eagle on a weekly basis for those of you who like men with more than 2 balls!!!!

Hmm…Wonder if the guys listed above would consider the “hook up” good or not??? Guess it might be better not knowing…

Have a drink at the White Eagle Lounge, say a prayer for anyone you know not feeling well and don’t forget your sunscreen.

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