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Monthly Archives

Volusia County Grub Run 2011

By Lulu

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I always write about what a great bunch of people bikers are…but I never expected to have such an awesome amount of food collected on our first ever Volusia County Grub Run in December. Thanks to the collaboration of the Rue & Ziffra law firm, First Turn Steakhouse and Sports Lounge, radio time with Tracy & Frank from WHOG radio and the wonderful bikers that dug in their cupboards AND their wallets we raised over $1500.00 and over 2000 lbs. of food. My goal was only 1000 lbs. of food which I announced when I was asked by Frank Scott live on the radio. He quickly said let’s double that and amazingly we did! The food and money collected was given to the Second Harvest Food Bank and to the Children’s Home Society who were on hand to fill the trucks and reap the generous bounty provided by all who participated!

We gave four $100 prizes for the following: most weight brought in on 2 wheels, in a bike trailer, on a trike and for the club that brought in the most pounds collectively. 3 of those prizes went to Rolling Thunder Chapter 8!!! Their club brought in a total of 785 lbs. Not only did they bring in hundreds of pounds of food, they also donated all the money back to the cause…and gladly helped with parking! We want to thank the 4 clubs that brought in food which included Thunder Riders, L.A.M.A.’s, Fire & Iron and CMAs. The cash provided allows the food banks to buy food at a huge discount and equals about $9 in food for each dollar spent! A special thanks goes out to Bill and Nancy Gruber from Rolling Thunder Chapter 8. They collected 395 lbs. of food in their neighborhood, with the help of the Holly Forest Estates Recreation Committee what a great neighborhood to live in to be so caring of others at Christmas! I also want to give thanks to people like Sam & Leo who not only brought in a huge amount of food, they also came dressed for the role. And Kneecap and his little elf Biscuit! A final thanks to all the volunteers including those from the White Eagle who helped weigh all the pounds of food. And to the riders whether you brought in a can of corn or 100 lbs. every bit made someone’s kitchen and bellies a little fuller!

Our ride was fairly short but started out with a bang. We left Rue & Ziffra’s on Dunlawton led by Santa and a snow blowing sleigh. Quite a spectacle! It was as if the long ribbon of Harleys, Hondas, Yahamas and BMWs were Santa’s contrail, like a jet leaves in the blue skies. We rode down to Chase’s in New Smyrna, a wonderful beach front bar and grill, that even has a pool for the patrons to use! Then off “like a flash” we headed to First Turn for lunch and prizes! Denise and Rick Hilliard the owners of First Turn and the Rue & Ziffra law firm are like Santa all year long to so many charities and community events I can’t begin to list them. Denise says we are going to do this again in the summer, since right before school starts is another desperate time for the food banks and the families they serve. So look for this run and come out and ride with us for a really great cause.

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